Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan

The master plan concept is an architectural expression representing a vision, which requires the application of sound planning principles, to ensure the implementation of the plan. Due consideration should be given to ensure serene living for academicians, residents and to make certain that the development is an asset for the people. 

The master planning process following overall master plan goals:
• Strategic Alignment
• Function and Aesthetics
• Prioritized Growth
• Programmatic Focus
• Financial Responsibility
• Sustainable Approach

Concept - 'Circle of Knowledge'

The planning effort should also involve a wide cross-section of other faculty, administration, staff, students and community members who provided valuable input during the numerous space needs interviews and focus groups. A number of facilities planned will have ensure that the intangible feeling of 'place has space to grow and mature'. The facilities should be well dispersed within the university precincts, the pedestrian pathways and the road network confirming convenient access to all facilities.
Excellent provision of open space (both passive and active), coupled with convenient pedestrian and vehicular access to schools, commercial and leisure facilities from within the residential university complex will be appropriate for promotion of a community spirit within the proposed development.

The principles&approach of campus master plan revolves around,
Core Strength - Administrative and Academic Blocks have been located in the upland and centre of the campus on the larger foot print of the site.

Flexibility - Interchangeable land parcels and growth through connectivity via alleys.

Sustainability - Green building concept, reduced carbon footprint, efficient resource management, effective
infrastructure engineering plan and respecting the natural contour of the site

The Living Environment - Residences, Quarters, Hostels, dining options & Programming Spaces- both formal scheduled places and informal gathering spaces

The Learning Environment – Instructional spaces, Inventory of space dedicated to students study both individual and group Establish traditional campus green space and eliminate pedestrians and vehicle conflicts.

Creating welcome centre at front door nearer the start of the tour. The welcome experience should yield a series of WOW experiences.

Form| Function | Economy | Time

Form is what you will see and feel, it relates to Site, the physical environment and the quality of space and construction.
Function relates to activities and relationship of spaces and people.
Economy relates to Construction budgets, Operating cost and Fund raising Strategies.
Time relates to the key project milestones.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kidspace - Rediscovered

Its creative, its fun, its a space rediscovered!

Located in an upscale area of Bangalore, the main task was to recreate a space that displays a sense of freshness and kids friendly!

And all these was a renovation of a car garage...